White Noise Sleep Aid Device Baby Sleep Crying Comforter


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White Noise Sleep Aid Device Baby Sleep Crying Comforter Parameter
1. Voltage: DC5V 300mA
2. Rated power: 1.5W

1. 6 kinds of white noise: light music, raindrops, forest birds, thunderstorms, waves, white noise
2. Automatic timing selection: 15, 30, 45 minutes
3. Volume up and down control
4. Lightweight and portable, easy to carry and carry
5. Beautiful and beautiful voice makes you sleep peacefully
6. When using it out, you can use the 5th battery for 3 sections, no need to use the venue.
7. Also equipped with a USB plug, remove the battery, plug in the power supply

For the use of objects:
1. A stressed office worker can not sleep at night during the day
2. The baby sleeps, comforts at night, gives the newborn baby a baby uterus, adapts to the environmental process, and also sleeps late at night.
3. Long night staying up, night cats who want to go to bed early but can not change
4. Retired or unwell old people can relieve mood and relax

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