JCE-203 Home Multi-function Desktop Electric Massager


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JCE-203 Home Multi-function Desktop Electric Massager 1. Applying digital technology to transform the physical factors required by the human body into precise digital signals. The reason is that the smart chip performs comprehensive massage according to the needs of the human body, ensuring the accuracy of the massage and improving the effect of the massage.
2. Large-screen LCD, imported ABS raw material production. The exclusive design has a fine workmanship. The six massage functions are specially designed for the human body massage waveform, and the human body acupuncture points are displayed on the same screen.
3. six massage methods, let you actually experience hammering, squeeze, shiatsu, tapping, kneading, massage, these six massage techniques.
4. unique voice broadcast, convenient and simple operation of the button, including strength increase / decrease, time increase / decrease, switch, mode conversion, voice synchronization broadcast every step.

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